Our company is a leader in the Internet marketing industry. We are developing our banner system, which will be targeted exactly to the right audience. Also, we work with the most famous world sales-houses.

Understanding Internet analytics is not so difficult, but it is really important if you plan to seriously engage in Internet promotion. All sorts of analytics seminars organized by major search engines will be of great help in the independent evaluation of the effectiveness of online advertising. Besides, new tools for independent analytics regularly appear in the IT field.

For example, a ‘heat map’ (available in Google.Analytics and Yandex. Metric), which is superimposed directly on the site and allows you to see transition points, user routes and much more. If you can’t figure it out on your own, I recommend not saving time and, if necessary, money and periodically attend training events. Better yet, choose professionals who can professionally analyze your site’s traffic statistics.

Whatever method of online advertising you choose, remember that its main and, by and large, the only goal is to buy customers. That is why it is very important to operate with an understandable formula for calculating the cost of this purchase.

Citadel Ventures is a partner of Google, Yahoo, Facebook. Accordingly, we consider advertising on social media as a bonus to any banner campaign. Our projects involve about 600 result-oriented professionals.

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