Applications for real estate market optimization

Nowadays more than 80% of potential buyers use the Internet. They have apps that let them search for a house by location and area.

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Modern apps save time and money, especially if they are looking for an apartment to move from another city/country using 3D tours or video reviews. Therefore, the real estate sector has been significantly changed.

Key Points That Make Real Estate Applications Successful

It is impossible to imagine a real estate company that does not have its own digital product (website/application) or is not represented on one of the Internet platforms. A real estate agency without a website has very low competitive chances. A typical buyer uses a smartphone to search for real estate on the Internet. Only 5% of US and Canadian firms do not have a website, compared with 93%. Applications in this industry are adapted for different groups of users, namely they are necessary: ​​for buyers, real estate agencies, third parties.

The development of mobile applications for real estate and further successful implementation is primarily based on the primary needs of the customer. That is, “why is this application necessary?” You should consider the features, goals, and opportunities that the real estate app or website provides.

Website for a real estate agency

Real estate companies around the world are ordering the development of a mobile application, however, having a web platform is still important. The main question is how to build a web platform and what it should include in order to be relevant. Moreover, to buy such an expensive thing as an apartment or a house. Potential clients and sellers check all the information about the real estate company and the brokers with whom they are going to deal with. Therefore, the web platform must be understandable and informative. In order to make a strong first impression, the real estate web platform should work flawlessly and be convenient for agents, brokers, home sellers, and home buyers. The platform should have several basic functions, such as:

  • Registration and verification – all market participants must confirm their identity. The buyer can get the necessary information about agency certifications, work experience, etc. Users must pass confirmation via email or social. Networks
  • Profiles – their features depend on those who have been registered: buyer, seller or third party;
  • Search filters – the offer market is wide. Homebuyers should be able to filter offers by region, district, price, distance from transport hubs, types, etc.
  • Maps – must contain not only the offer of real estate, but also information about the nearest objects, such as shops, gyms, schools, etc.
  • Content – photo, video, local information;
  • 3D tours are a modern tool that has changed the reality of the real estate market. Users can view offers without even leaving home;
  • Messaging – quick communication with an agency, broker, seller, or buyer (depending on the purpose of the site). Make sure your platform provides an integrated messenger;
  • Mobile application development, desktop application development, software company.

To sum up, we can say that it is rather difficult to satisfy the needs of all market groups. In addition, the site can provide any home improvement services for the highest level of relevance. But note that the more complex the web platform, the higher the cost of developing a website.

Development of desktop applications and applications on a smartphone

Mobile applications for realtors help them manage customer relationships or establish CRM systems, schedule, set up reports and manage marketing programs. Developing mobile applications for the real estate industry helps realtors manage leads. Programmers of various software companies provide modern solutions for iOS and Android applications. The profession of a realtor is very dynamic, and the availability of resources to solve the tasks of analyzing the market, price audience, drawing up offers and constant contact with potential customers allows you to incredibly optimize your work. Recently, we wrote about how much it costs to develop a specialized mobile application. In addition, there are mobile applications that are exclusively designed to search for the purchase / rental of housing. Theoretically, under standard conditions, its creation will be cheaper, since the functionality of the application is simpler.

The development of desktop applications is often designed to implement resources for organizing the work of realtors, notaries, brokers, and developers. For the buyer, the need to install applications for finding housing on a PC is absent, or simply cost-effective. Often, desktop applications contain commercial tools, a reporting system, analytical tools, etc. It is very important to create a working architecture and provide a high-quality UX \ UI design that will not hamper the work of professionals.

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