Today ‘Big Data’ are two, perhaps, the most powerful words in the world. What does this term mean and what is it for? First and foremost, Big Data processes large amounts of information. Very large. Even Excel tables can’t fit such an amount of data. And it can’t be processed by one, two or even five computers.

According to IBM, every day we create nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. The pace with which we produce new data is growing exponentially every year so that 90% of the data that we produced was created only in the last 2 years. New data appears faster than we have time to analyze it. Thus, there is a significant need to create tools to help cope with the huge amount of data generated by the age of the Internet and to develop methods for its analysis.

But this is nothing compared to what Big Data gives. Remember a popular joke about a supermarket staff that finds out about your wife’s pregnancy sooner than you?

Such industries as banking and manufacturing are actively trying to integrate Big Data analysis into their area of activity in connection with massive non-optimized business processes. The corporation notes that the availability of a large amount of data and the importance of the decision-making process based on the analysis of these data continue to stimulate the demand for technology development in this sector.

We co-work with companies who implement Big Data technologies in various spheres of business: e-commerce, gaming, image processing, and others.

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