Cybersport is a rapidly developing field, which brings a lot of money. The dream of all gamers came true. As now you can play your favorite game and win millions! There are several major online games: Dota 2, League of Legends, CS: GO, Hearthstone. Whereas prize pools of cybersport tournaments amount to not even million dollars, but tens of millions of dollars. For example, the winners of the last Dota 2 tournament received $20 million. The entire prize fund was $50 million!

The level of excitement at the e-sport tournament is even higher than one at any football match.

The sports arena will experience crucial changes in the future. Our company invests tens of millions of euros in e-sports because we closely follow the trends. E-sports competitions are of great interest, the number of views of online broadcasts is second only to football championships and the Olympic games.

We constantly monitor companies that develop these fields faster than others and establish partnerships with them. Creative ideas, well-knit teams and focus on know-how solutions are what Citadel Ventures is mostly interested in.

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