Another big thing we are proud to be investing in is SAAS. We love SAAS and the optimization it brings to online businesses whilst being cost-effective and intuitive in use.

People running a business online have started to use SAAS solutions long ago. We share this point and trust that this is the right way to go in expenses management, hosting and server maintenance (technical support included), go-to-market appearance and usability for both – the admins of the business and end-users. Nobody ever cares about these points any longer because all business people just concentrate on Business strategy and success and let their software providers care about the stuff for a monthly/yearly payment.

We’ve all seen the growth SAAS market is making year over year. It entered everybody’s life in a way that we started to love the services under a subscription and we love getting discounts when paying for the months or years ahead. This is a healthy and stable way of doing online businesses – having a common core, software providers create various prototypes to fit the needs of the individual customer, maintaining the servers for them for getting paid regularly. This gives a predictable revenue throughout the time and lets the providers prepare their next big service or grow the current one.
The consumers of SAAS enjoy their Netflix, Apple Music and various business monitoring tools they pay some relatively small amount of money each month. This fully fits our nowadays lifestyle.

Citadel Ventures in its turn, is getting to review various SAAS startups and subscription tools. We want to add value to this whole industry in a way of getting Software-as-a-Service to the next level. One of the latest trends in building a SAAS integrations platform, for instance, which means moving beyond a software functionality level over to becoming a platform for mission-critical applications. We are looking forward to getting new outstanding ideas onboard of Citadel Ventures!

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