Why SEO matters

Firstly, a bit of theory: Search Engine Optimization is the promotion of a site into organic Google and other search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Rambler, using the keywords that users request.

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Why is SEO important?

Optimizing your website for search engines can significantly increase sales and attract new customers. Today, the Internet has become a powerful marketing tool and a convenient, easily accessible place for the sale of goods and services.

SEO plays a major role in any comprehensive promotion. Without using this science, it would be impossible to promote a site. Therefore, so that representatives of search engines do not write, it is worthwhile to study and constantly use the rules of SEO promotion.

How to create content that will attract your target audience?

Keep in mind that you should respect your readers – the faster you get down to business, the better. Also, try to use catchy headlines, because they should create an impression of importance and urgency, arouse curiosity and promise interesting content. It’s no secret that attractive headlines encourage visitors to read the entire article. Don’t forget to add pictures. And the last important detail – focus on the unique content. The more original your information, the more reposts the article will receive.

How to create good keywords?

  • use declension and singular/plural

  • pay attention to the search results and fill in the queries with common typos and errors

  • refer to synonyms

  • apply slang

  • sometimes include the words in other languages

The most powerful keywords contain two-five words that narrow the scope of queries you may rank for.

The Role of SEO in Competitor Analysis

Just looking at someone else’s site in terms of SEO can you evaluate the competition. The visual analysis yields practically nothing, but studying the content, tags, keywords, and other parameters of a competitor will let you know what needs to be done to get higher positions.

The convenience of the site is also one of the ranking factors, but the most valuable information about the competitor can be found only by looking at the resource in terms of this science.

SEO Role in Link Purchasing

The most important thing in purchasing links is naturalness. And sometimes it may seem that the link is as organically inscribed as possible in the text, when in fact it is not. A person simply perceives the written information, ignoring the little things, and robots analyze everything, literally up to the number of uses of each word in the article. And if some phrase is used too often, the search engine may already consider this a reoptimization.

That is, the purchase of links also needs to be done only according to strict SEO rules. Using only visual analysis, you can easily get any kind of sanction.


Links are generally a separate area of ​​SEO. For the search engine to understand which site is trusted, it begins to analyze the environment of this site. Simply put, the more sites link to you, the more often they mention you on the Internet. And the better those links are, the more credibility you look. Also, you should not buy links until you work out the structure of your site and optimize it. First SEO, then the site. Do not throw money away.


The importance of content is often underestimated. Many webmasters still post SEO texts for search engines, ignoring user interests. At the same time, search engines improve their algorithms to determine the quality of content every year.

What you should pay attention to when posting content and texts on the landing page:

  • you must correctly set the subject of the page and the site as a whole;

  • the content should respond in detail to the user’s request;

  • the text should contain the headings h1, h2, etc.;

  • contain bulleted lists;

  • contain a picture and video in the text;

  • provide additional value;

  • article size is from 1000 characters, it is better to analyze competitors in the TOP and look at the volume of their content.

A good signal for the search engine is the situation when the user entered a request, went to the site and stayed on it – this means that he found the answer to his request.

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