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Who we are

Citadel Ventures is an international company investing in cutting-edge technologies and both perspective startups and successful companies since 2002.

Our Values

We praise incessant growth by obtaining new knowledge, and we focus on the market niche with the most advanced technologies.


An overview of Citadel Ventures

Citadel Ventures is an international brand that invests in both advanced technologies and companies dealing with different aspects of the business. The Company has been working in this field for 15 years. Our partners’ offices are based in Germany, Great Britain, Malta, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Cyprus. The headquarter of Citadel Ventures is located in Limassol, Cyprus.

Citadel Ventures has two key values. The first one is incessant growth and development by obtaining new knowledge. We put self-improvement at the top of our priorities. And secondly, we occupy leading market niche focused on innovative technologies. Build and grow your business with us!

What we do

We are an innovative and reliable solution for your business that is here to help you with the whole process as well as with its separate part.

AI & Deep Learning

With the help of artificial intelligence, companies can accurately draw up development plans based on machine brain analytics. AI is used by marketers, brand owners, and advertisers. Artificial intelligence helps to make forecasts, use targeting, analyze large amounts of data, automate customer service processes. Thus, AI can be used in many fields (medicine, e-commerce, energy).

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While being not new on the market, software as a service is still on its march of replacing desktop apps. Nowadays SaaS companies have offerings available for a variety of business applications, including email, customer relationship management (CRM), sales management, human resources management, billing/payroll processing, financial and database management, enterprise resourcing planning (ERP), content management, etc.

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Cybersports competitions already beat some of traditional sports by the number of viewers. Individual e-sportsmen and teams participate in tournaments and marketing activities. They are usually represented by e-sports organizations: they take on the functions of agents and managers in order to leave gamers with only one main task – to play.

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Advertising is getting more creative on the Internet, and really sophisticated technologies arise. Brands and agencies use the range of software and tools to strategize, manage and set up their digital advertising activities.

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Collecting data is cheaper than ever now, but analyzing it is really priceless.  This form of advanced analytics helps companies to uncover such information as unknown correlations, hidden patterns, customer preferences, and market trends that can help enterprises make important business decisions.

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Business Incubator

A startup is one of the most profitable investments in the world! Such huge enterprises as Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, and Snapchat emerged out of common startups, but thanks to their technological solutions those became leaders in their fields.
If you are an experienced Big Data specialist and you know how to make it easier to process a huge database; or if you develop an algorithm that determines better than any UX developer, which interface will suit a particular target audience, our company will gladly invest in your project!

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