Our Social Initiatives

We fight with the unsustainable usage of natural resources on the planet, care about nature and help people who need us. We believe there are no other people's problems.



Corporate responsibility is an essential part of a company's life. It is very important when employees understand that their work is more than just caring for their well-being. Our business is not aimed only at earning, we care about people. And this is an additional motivation for every Citadel Ventures employee to do what matters not only for you but for the whole society.

Educational programs

Regular educational seminars, webinars, and training by company specialists. The best students get the opportunity to work at Citadel Ventures.


Scholarships to talented students from low-income families (those who want to continue development and study in areas of interest to us, but lack funds).

Help animals

Taking care of our smaller brothers - we transfer money to shelters for homeless animals, periodically spend animals in person, and walk with them.

Caring for the environment

Citadel Ventures employees do socially useful work - they plant trees and clean up trash. Recently, in honor of the popular Earth Day, the company has funded the construction of 10 convenient shops in a city park.

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